How to Treat a Burn with Honey


Did you know that raw honey naturally contains the necessary components to produce food grade hydrogen peroxide? These components become active when applied to a wound. The glucose oxidase in honey reacts with the sodium and PH content in your skin causing the glucose to break down into hydrogen peroxide. This makes raw honey an excellent wound healer.

When I first learned of this, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to use honey on burns or other wounds, particularly because it has a sticky quality.  It wasn’t until I had an emergency situation that I learned how quickly honey acts on burns.

When I was in the process of moving to a different house, my belongings were packed up. I didn’t think to bring along a first aid kit or anything of that nature.  I basically had my kitchen items, dishes, pots and pans moved so far. I ended up burning myself pretty severely while cooking dinner that night.

Because I didn’t have anything on hand for treating burns, honey came to mind.  I reached for the raw honey jar, spooned some out and spread it on my burn.  To my surprise, relief was felt almost immediately!  The burning sensation completely dissipated within a few minutes.  I now keep a small jar of honey with my natural first aid remedy kit.

How to treat a burn with honey:

1. Cool the burn down immediately with cold running water.

2. Apply a generous amount of clean raw honey on the burn.  (If you don’t want it to get too sticky, you can temporarily cover it with plastic wrap. Make sure there’s a good amount of honey between the burn and the plastic. You can also cover it with a sterile gauze pad.)

3. Leave the honey on your burn for at least an hour. The medicinal properties of honey will continue to work on healing your burn after the pain subsides. You can leave the honey in place up to 48 hours.

4. If the burn wound is severe, reapply as needed after leaving the wound uncovered for an hour or so each time. Don’t wash the wound in between applications! Keep the wound dry. Change the dressing/honey application a maximum of 4 times a day.

We recommend using the highest quality Raw Honey from our favorite apiary, Sleeping Bear Farms.



  1. I can’t believe how well honey works to treat burns! My husband got a bad burn from a campfire on Friday. He washed it in river water and wrapped it with toilet tissue. I was at work when this happened. By the time I got home on Saturday, it was infected. It was gross. And they were third degree burns. I had some SSD ointment on hand, and some antibiotics, which I started him on first thing Saturday morning. By Saturday evening he was running a fever and the burn was oozing puss. I looked up home remedies for burns, and saw that a lot of people had success with honey. I tried it Saturday night. I washed all the ointment off, cleaned the burn with distilled water, and spread raw organic honey from a local beekeeper all over the burn, then covered it with nonstick sterile pads and wrapped it with gauze. I also gave him 2 tablespoons of the honey orally. Less than 12 hours later, the fever was totally gone. Within about 10 minutes of applying the honey the burn was much less painful. Less than 12 hours after applying the honey, the burn had already stopped oozing puss, the swelling was gone, and it was well on it’s way to healing. I can’t believe it! I wish I could upload the pictures so you can see for yourself how well this works. Honey will be my first choice for treating burns and other wounds from now on!

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